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Universal Appliances & Mattresses have a longstanding reputation in the market for delivering the highest performance whilst incorporating new energy efficient and eco-friendly designs. Orient refrigerator is built to last the extreme local weather and power fluctuations with European grade compressor technology. By using the highest quality components and engineering designs, Our fridge is built to provide a lasting freshness for your food and help you keep a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Anti-Bacterial Protection:

All Universal Appliances & Mattresses utilize UV-Light protection that ensures bacteria free storage and long lasting food preservation. Orient refrigerators also use an antibacterial gasket that can be detached and cleaned to preserve your stores.

Environment Friendly Operation:

Products are free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that damage the Ozone Layer whilst every refrigerator is engineered to maximize performance with low noise operation, so that you can enjoy your kitchen or room more.

Larger Load Capacity with Adjustable Storage:

Universal Appliances & Mattresses refrigerators are designed using heavy duty steel structure and plastic coating, allowing consumers to maximize their storage space. This structure is supported by our adjustable shelf structure with multiple grooves on the sides, giving you the flexibility to store according to your needs.

Energy Efficient Cooling:

Universal Appliances & Mattresses refrigerators use the best components from around the world to provide a reliable, quality product to the end-consumer. Our uniform 360 degree cooling system helps conserve energy and keep the cooling locked in for hours even after electricity breakdown.

Three Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Refrigerator:

Earlier refrigerator size used

Family Size

Eating Habits

Confusion always arises in the customer’s mind while buying a refrigerator. However, you just need to remember three things to determine which refrigerator will be the best for you and your family:

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